This is confusing stuff for sure. What I know for certain is I can't use Aloe in my stylers in high dew points or rainy weather. Even with a hard hold gel on top, I get extremely poofy. So, AF and KCCC were out when the dews went past 55. In low Dews FOTE was great on wet hair for clumping and additional hold.
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Yes, I definitely always got excellent clumping with aloe. But, depending on the day (or the alignment of the stars, or the phase of the moon lol), my hair would either be perfectly awful or literally magazine worthy when I used it. In fact, now that I'm thinking about it, I remember that I went CG last fall, and started right with aloe vera gel. It worked fabulously, but when winter came, my hair got very, very dry and frizzy. My hair had NEVER gotten that dry before in the winter, even using shampoo. It never occurred to me that aloe was the culprit, so I kept trying different conditioners, finally ending up with the Olive Lustrasilk, which was the only thing that took the worst of the dryness away. It got better in spring, and then this summer hit. Disaster most of the time. Ugh. It was just RECENTLY that I figured out that the aloe may be the problem. I didn't know that it might be a humectant.

I think I'm going to stay away from anything with aloe for awhile (unless the amount is VERY miniscule), and see what happens this fall and winter. I've got the ecostyler gel and now the HESMU, both of which I like very much, so we'll see what happens.