Seriously, I am so OVER people asking if my hair is REAL or if they can TOUCH it! You'd think that curly hair is some bizarre, rare, alien-like, freak-gene!

Sometimes I get asked
THESE questions by white women:
"Oh, your hair is so beautiful is that a perm? "It'so shiny, I wish I could get curls like that...but my hair is so straight, I can never get it hold a that your natural curl...may I touch it? How do you comb it? CAN you comb it? DO you comb it? You don't wash it every day do you? Can you wash it everyday?" Or after they touch it they say,(totally surprised/shocked) "Oooh, it's so soft, not greasy and stiff AT ALL!!" All of which leaves me feeling utterly uncomfortable and highly annoyed! And I'm thinking..."WTF???"
And sometimes I get asked THESE questions by non-white women:
"Is that YOUR hair?" "Where'd you get your weave done?" "Gurl, if I had your hair I'd relax it...then it would lay flatter on your head."," You know you got "GOOD" hair, right?" " You must have white in you, right?" Then, when I say," Yes it's my real and natural hair." And I say, "Yes, I AM multi-racial "...THEY DON'T ASK if they can touch it...they just DIG their hands in and "check" for tracks, glue or even to see if it's a wig! All the while they're saying, "It's so pretty and soft!" Again, leaving me feeling utterly violated and highly annoyed! And yet again, I'm thinking "WTF???!!!"
Imagine me walking up to someone and asking them if their breasts are real and then asking them if I can touch them or not even asking but just reaching out and grabbing a handful of flesh. How well do you think that would go over?

I don't mind TALKING about my hair with people...but the touching and "under the microscope" interrogation? Ugh, THAT, I can do without. I'm a human being who just happens to have curly's just hair, people!!! <<< Hmmm, I think I'll make a t-shirt that says exactly that. "IT'S JUST HAIR, PEOPLE!" on the front and "NO, YOU MAY NOT TOUCH IT!" on the back. Better yet, "Yes, this IS my REAL hair!" on the front and "Suuure you can touch it....for FIFTY BUCKS!" on the back.

Okay, I'm done venting.