When I worked in Disney World, I always put my hair up (I had a very, very specific reason for it). On my way back from my work location one evening, my coworker that was sitting behind me started pulling on my ponytail at the bottom and giggling. I asked him what he was doing, and he said "Your ponytail is one big curl. It's fun." I shrugged and said "Ok, whatever" and let him do it. I honestly don't mind when people *I know* do that to my ponytail.

But I have a student that LOVES to touch people's hair. She ran her fingers through mine once and said "Ew!!" because a lot of hair came out. I had to explain to her that some people's hair does that because "we have so much hair on our heads that our head has to let some of it go." She hasn't touched my hair since. But I wonder what she'll do once she's in a better mood (oh boy was today a doozy!) now that I've started CG...
CG: 9/4/09

3a and 3b/F/ii

Condish: CJ Beauticurls Strengthening Conditioner
Shampoo (Sulfate-free): Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat (use 1-2x/week)
Styling Product: HETT mousse

TRYING to grow it out- maybe softer water and going almost strictly CG will help!