I have a question into the manufacturer about the dimethicone copolyol
so to answer my own question about this ingredient, here's the answer from a CurlChemist article " What's the Scoop on Silicones?"
Silicone-dimethicone copolyol
Water Soluble?-Yes
Recommended Cleansing Agents-cocamidopropyl betaine, cocobetaine, other mild surfactants, or conditioner washing
If I try it, I'll keep everybody updated on what happens with it.
shoulder length inverted bob; fine; 3A-3B; med-thick density; normal porosity; normal elasticity- my hair loves keratin, ACV, silk protein ,Curlkeeper and AG:Recoil ; seems to hate moisturizing products and oils except mineral oil; CG- Jan/'09-mod CG Sept/'09;CG again Jan/'10/mod CG from Mar'10

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