Hi all. I was hoping to pick your lovely, smart brains for some conclusions from this afternoon's experiment.

After reading about proteins, I decided to try my own protein-rich DT. I'm effectively broke, so the best I can do is homemade. I beat an egg, added a whooole bunch of EVOO for my massive amounts of hair, and tried smoothing it into dry hair. Immediately my hair went kinda crispy or straw-like. I've read this could be a sign of protein sensitivity. My hair was also impossible to comb through with my fingers, though this aligns somewhat with my pure EVOO DTs in the past. So what does this all mean? Am I sensitive to egg proteins? Or am I jumping to conclusions?

Some background: all I have in my hair from my last wash is homemade FSG, no additives. I've done a couple pure EVOO DTs in the past which seemed to help. I've always done them on wet hair, and come to think of it, my hair was always kinda crispy when it dried with the olive oil in it. I always assumed this was a normal side effect of the 1/2 cup or so of EVOO in my hair; was I misinterpreting?

I'm rambling, as always. Long story short: How should medium texture (with some coarse) hair, likely on the high end of the porosity scale, feel with an egg/EVOO mix in it?

Thanks in advance!
Hair type: 3a, medium porosity (??), medium texture
Final sulfate wash: April 14, 2009
Co-wash: Suave Pomegranate
Conditioner: GVPCB, AOHR, Garnier Triple Nutrition
Products: Experimenting with KCKT and KCCC

My hair loves:
Olive oil
...still trying to figure out what else!

My hair hates:
Biotera Curl Creme (?)