Funny, I still can't handle other proteins, but my hair does love the keratin. Loves it.

I guess you have been using more aminos than I realized!

The two silicones do not seem to be causing an issue either, and that is a relief. I couldn't find much out about the solubility of the first one. But, since my hair has tolerated it so much this summer, I figure it will work for me, whatever type it is.

This is *not* for the all-natural crowd, lol. I had to look up what many of the things were, so I figured I'd better put it in the review because someone will probably ask.

We'll see how it works as we work into fall and then winter. But, I sure do love this in the summer.
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How'd you even know it was a silicone?! Just generally investigating the ingredients? It sure doesn't fit the usual rules/tips for recognizing them.
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I googled it along with half of the ingredients list. The "silane" part of that ingredient made me curious.

I found it here.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.