I was trying to be lighthearted (it was once said that was his favorite word) but I'm sure Rahm acted professionally.

If you only listen to FOX News and Rush Limbough, you will think everyone agrees with you. YOU are not the pulse of the nation.

What is the peril to come? The wrath of the right? I'm quivering. The Republicans have no viable candidates.
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I think she's referring to violence and assassinations and that ilk. You know, what "real" Americans, the pulse of our nation, resort to when they really mean business.
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I wonder if you can refute my ideas instead of attacking me personally. It really helps in debate.

I have never, ever, not once said anything about violence or assassinations or ever called anyone a "real" American.

Every American citizen is a "real" American. Everyone gets a voice. Isn't it great? And I pray daily for our President, especially for his safety.

Oops, did I say pray?
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Where did I attack you personally here?

You're the one throwing all these red herrings in like:
-impending doom
-whether it's ok to call someone an mf or a liar
-group attacks by dems are ok and individual ones by the gop is not
-mostly women and minorities post here and think they're ahead even though they're not the pulse of the nation.

Whatevs. What did you think about the speech? What do you agree/disagree with in Obamas proposal? What would you like to see changed/not changed?

Because in the meantime, Wilson has apologized twice (via phone and on camera looking nervous), Obama accepted Wilson's apology, Obama addressed nurses and the ANA.

"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer."

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