The peril I was referring to was the stripping down of this image we have for ourselves. Peacemakers, spreaders of democracy, tolerant. Supposedly the polar opposite of some of the finger-biting, uncool reactions of those "bottom of the barrel" people at recent town meetings.

You agreed with me about it being a symptom of a greater peril/problem, but then you went on your own tangent about how there is some deep-seated emotion (anger?) on the right and how Obama is stirring it all up, so we should all "be prepared".

So what were you referring to there? What should we leftists, conglomeration of women and minorities that make up the bulk of the membership here and are not the pulse of the nation, be prepared for...?

What were you referring to?
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Be prepared for the heated debate perhaps, or the ensuing outcry in the Senate chambers, or 9/12 events, or people yelling in Town Hall meetings.

Things are stirring.
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Again, so what? They can scream, cry, stomp their feet, hold their breath til they turn purple...still doesn't put them in power. Elections matter.

The 9/12 Project was an interesting first. Then Glenn Beck lost his marbles...again (he does it every so often; he apparently can't take sobriety for very long without diving off the deep end. Time to get some more shock treatments Beck, or at least go back to drinking/drugging for a while to regain your semi-sanity).

Anyone who attends Beck's events (or teabagging parties) just looks crazy now.