Be prepared for the heated debate perhaps, or the ensuing outcry in the Senate chambers, or 9/12 events, or people yelling in Town Hall meetings.

Things are stirring. I said "be prepared." I don't think I was exactly issuing any sort of threat whatsoever. I was trying to say that we should all know what we stand for and be prepared to defend it. And really, I am trying to be even tempered and level headed with our conversation here. I recognize that we have a difference of opinion
I'd love to actually hear a debate but it is drowned out by the yelling at Town Hall meetings and outcries in Senate Chambers. Give me some actual things that have you all upset instead of mumbo jumbo. As for the outcry, do you really believe illegal immigrants were going to be covered by the health care reform? What proof do you have of that? *sigh*

If this is the best that can be thrown by the right - appealing to the lowest common denominator - it is truly pathetic. Why do you think you were clobbered in the last election?
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The Republicans had EIGHT YEARS to work on health care. They did nothing. Zich. Zip. Nada. Clinton tried, now Obama is trying. What does that show most people about the Republican party? That they just don't care.

Obamacare is not a blueprint for socialism. You're thinking of the New Testament. ~~ John Fugelsang