I'd love to actually hear a debate but it is drowned out by the yelling at Town Hall meetings and outcries in Senate Chambers. Give me some actual things that have you all upset instead of mumbo jumbo. As for the outcry, do you really believe illegal immigrants were going to be covered by the health care reform? What proof do you have of that? *sigh*

If this is the best that can be thrown by the right - appealing to the lowest common denominator - it is truly pathetic. Why do you think you were clobbered in the last election?
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Proof? They have none, actually. I heard a report today that there was an attempt to investigate illegal immigrants using Medicare a little while back, but they turned up very few actual cases of fraud.

But since when did the Republicans need any proof?

Republican Recipe for ‘Strategery’

- Take One Fresh, Flaming, Hot Button Issue
[And there are so many tasty ones to choose from! You've got: illegal immigrants, end-of-life planning, abortion … Or how about this?: Keeping everything exactly as it is now, always and forever! Or better yet, bring us back to the good old days when everything was perfect, when was that again? What, 1954? Yeah, something like that.]

- Add a generous dose of Baldfaced Lies

- Simmer
[That is, hold a few town meetings, let the Republican Leadership (in the Absence of Real Leadership) rant about it endlessly on their various and sundry talk and radio shows] and before you know it, you'll have …


… which, BTW, will also nicely distract everyone from the very real issues that are actually sometimes killing Americans, such as lack of health care when it's needed most. Like when people have cancer or something. That's all. Just cancer.

And it's all so worth it. Just as long as those Libs don't win.