What you may forget is that there is a great uprising of emotion among the right in this nation.
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So what? It's just a temper tantrum. The right has had their foot on the neck of the nation for the past 8 years and now they're pissed to have lost power. I do not care.

The Dems finally have a chance to fix a few things. The Reps have never done one thing to fix healthcare, and they never will, so if the Dems don't fix it now, it'll never get fixed. The righties will just have to suck it up.
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Exactly. As little as two years ago (before the election campaigns), I would've never dreamed that the Republicans would say "we need to regulate the insurance companies." They are so disingenuous. If their backs were not against the wall, if they had the power, they would not give a rat's ass about health care.

The fact that they are getting people riled up at the townhall meetings, about Obama's speech to school children, and then this...(not to mention the crazy ish that comes out of Fox) tells me they still don't care about health care but know they have to do something.

When it comes to civil rights issues, fairness, etc., if the Dems don't bring up the issues, then nothing gets done.

I used to say that the difference between repubs and dems is-- repubs say there isn't a problem and the dems say there is a problem but really don't do anything about it. Now that the dems are doing something about it and they are in power, the repubs are acting like a bunch of sore losers.---waaaaah!

(Of course, I'm not talking about EVERY republican. I know there's a few cool cats out there but much of their reactions lately have been ridiculous!!!
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