This really steams me up.

When NOT tipping please take into consideration that many hairdressers (especially those who rent)supply ALL of their own products tools ect. Have you checked the price of a good quality blowdryer, irons, brushes? How about shears? My cheapest shears cost me $200. Plus there is the rent and its not exactly $100 a month. I do not rent but know stylists who do. I work on commission and I get 55% which is the highest commission rate in my company, many stylists only get 35%. I charge $30 for a haircut. That means I keep $13.50 BEFORE TAXES are taken out of my paycheck. Not much by any means. If I dont make enough to make commission (and in this economy its hard) I only get $8/hr. There are many weeks that tip $ pays for my kid to have milk and bread. Hairdressers do appreciate good tips since we have to pay out of pocket for continuing education so we can ensure you walk out LOVING your hair. If you shaft us on a tip we will remember. If you tip us well, we will remember. I definately will take some extra time on a client who tips well versus one who will throw me $2 on a $30 haircut (especially if Ive really worked hard to impress them). Ive had clients not tip me at all (one was a full foil, cut and blowout that took 3 hours) and after a while, you really start to feel like you arent doing a good enuff job. You start to get a complex.

By all means, dont tip if you really feel we dont deserve it. You apparantly need the $ more than we do. But dont be a repeate customer. We will remember you and everyone else working in the salon will too.
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