There's a natural woman who has a fotki by the name of Sera25. And if I recall she says the hair at her temples comes and goes becuase that is the side she sleeps in. Kinky/curly hair can be very fragile, even just the friction of sleeping on your side during the night can break it off. Unfortunately there isn't much you can do you aren't already doing (wear a satin cap and satin pillowcase) and braid the area to strengthen the individual hairs while you toss and turn. Keep up the good work and I'm sure the hair will grow back eventually.
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ITA. I became aware that I rub my head on my pillowcase to settle into sleep at night. I wear a silk or mesh open top head wrap to protect my temple hair (which is very fragile) and sleep on a silk pillowcase.

You can get a silk wrap up or a cheaper mesh one at the BSS:

Silk wrap-up

Mesh wrap
Satin wrap
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