Ok...here is me just 4 months ago.
My routine was shampoo with L'anza for dry hair,
condition with JC Too Shea, then JC CCSS, followed by <glup> John Frieda frizz ease lite serum, then Curlisto Gel. Plop, diffuse dry and then use a curling iron on those strands that needed it (most of the front around my face b/c otherwise it was frizz). Then spray with frizz ease hair spray...and my hair looked like this all day...this picture was taken at 6pm after working all day.

So..I know...I can see the frizz and the fakey curls but this was my routine for the last 2 years. I know what the silicones did and that's why I had to shampoo every day and b/c of that I needed the curling iron to reintroduce the curls b/c all what I was doing to my hair was actually killing them...

One month on modified CG
today, here is a shot of the back of my hair:

This is approx 1 month of modified CG. Today, this is the result of co wash with JC Too Shea, CK (soaking wet in the the shower), then once not as wet, some KCCC. Plopped for a few minutes, then mostly air dry with some diffuser.

I've found that pretty much every combination of products that I use give me very similar results from the back.

What I am struggling with is the front...
No volume on the crown & frizz or flat down the front sides. Probably b/c that is the part of my hair that is most damaged. But I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Here's what I think I know about me:

Texture: fine
Porous...? I would think with all the damaging things I've done, it probably is porous but when I do the tests, it doesn't seem that I am, so I don't know....

Elasticity is kind of low.

I think my cul pattern is 2A with some 3A where it is longer (underneath I get ringlets with no effort, but b/c the top is layered and shorter, not so much).

I do well with most JC products. I've done ok with CJCCCC and I think, with practice, KCCC might be something really good for me.

I can not find a gel that works...they all add to the frizz factor (BRHG, Aussie, Biotera).

But, any suggestions to get some control on the hair around my face? I've tried clipping for volume with minimal success. Do I just need to wait out the damage?

Oh...and I live in Florida...where it is always humid.
Good news is in 3 weeks, I'm going to Tampa for the weekend and made an appt with Tiffany/struttswife!

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