I have a question (slightly off the point) about tipping. I recently got my hair cut, and I although I tipped the stylist, I didn't know how, or how much, to tip the one who washed my hair.

A previous place I have gone to had little envelopes where I could put a tip into, and on that occasion (different place), the same person washed and styled me. This place however, the stylist is the one who took my payment at the reception desk, and there was no envelopes or similar for me to leave a tip for the wash person. What should I have done? After I had paid should I have gone back to the salon to tip her? Should I have given it to the stylist for her? I honestly didn't know what to do.

I feel embarrassed not tipping her, and silly as it may sound, I would like to tip her next time I go (even if she doesn't wash my hair this time). I feel like I owe her.
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