I'm in full agreement with those who say the stylist should be tipped well, but I have to disagree in another area. I left a salon because whenever I was there, someone shampooed my hair, someone else cut it, and then someone else colored it --not to mention whoever did my brows. Since I know that proper etiquette dictates that anyone who works on your hair is tipped, I did tip all of them, but I was very annoyed at feeling like I was being nickeled and dimed to death having to tip 3-4 people in addition to the cost of the services. The guy I go to now does it all, does it well (usually lol), gets tipped well, and I don't feel hassled about tipping 65 people.
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omg that drives me crazy too. i want 2 people to work on me...max!

and i do have a serious love for a barber shop close to me. they charge $15 and i tip them $5.

if i dont like a stylist or feel like im getting ripped off - i tip OK and dont go back. if the stylist really made me mad, i complain and tip $1...and of course, don't go back. no love lost for me - you do a good service, i'll be back and tip lots. if you dont? my tipping will be OK and i dont go back. if i cant afford it, i dont get it done.
2c hair. maybe a little porous? my hair likes suave, vo5 and the big tease. going to be trying more lush soon. not sure how i feel about dr bronners.

letting my hair be natural again after getting it straightened. yeah yeah, im a traitor