My experience with hair stylists is that they look at my hair....after they do it....and then tell me how much they are going to charge me.

I've gone to a stylist one day and he/she will charge me $1.50 (as an exaggerated example). Then, I'll go back a month later to the same stylist and get the exact same service and then after they do my hair they charge me $2.50.

This has happened on several occasions with different stylists in different salons.

In my case, I do not agree with tipping that stylist with an exorbitant amount of cash when they have floating pricing system on my hair.
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I agree with the bolded. I went to a stylist and was charged $60 for a wash//trim/style. Went again and it was $90. No, I did not tip the second time because I was not told that the price had gone up. Also, because I had NOT budgeted for that price. However, when I checked around her price had NOT gone up she just charged ME more. Actually no one else was even paying the $60. I can only assume it was because I wasn't a regular client since I would go once or twice a year. Not like I was going to some fancy place where they went out of the way to treat you special.

But, because of this experience I very rarily go to a stylist. That was about 5 years ago. I've been to a stylist twice since then and one was for a hair show.

To the styist on this board are you saying I should have tipped the second time?
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