I don't think it's fair not to tip 15% to a stylist. 20% is what I usually do. It's a personal service + convenience. If I didn't want the convenience/knowledge/talent that goes with a stylist's time, I would DIY (and in my case botch it terribly).

I think that any service pertaining to personal hygiene deserves a tip. Yes, I think haircutting falls into that category, not to mention the training, talent and knowledge that a customer relies on when entrusting their appearance to this professional.

The only time I've heard a customer isn't supposed to tip the stylist is if s/he is the owner of the salon. Even then, I would feel awkward not tipping, but I know that's done. JMO.
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I nearly always tip 20-25%, never less than 15%, and my stylist is one of the owners of the salon. Gratuities for services like this were common long before minimum wage was ever heard of - that is not where it came from for food servers, etc.

That said, tipping anywhere other than restaurants and hotels hasn't always been practiced in small towns and rural areas the way it has been in New York and other urban areas. Some who don't do it may just not have caught up with the times yet - they may just not even think of it. I was guilty of that myself at the dog groomers when I first started using one 10-15 years ago.
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