Hey Draakje -- I used to live in germany on the border of the Netherlands I loooOooved my Dutch hairdresser! She was a doll. I agree, the whole tipping thing is more laid back in europe, but I also believe that dutch hairdressers get paid lots more than our average hairdresser. On average I think all europeans in "service" jobs get paid more or get taken better care of than our people in service industries.

You know, this really could be a whole economy lesson, and the history of the states and why we do this all rolled into one, but I'm so not going there. Mostly because quite a bit of it would just be my opinion hah!

Don't worry Draakje, its not as bad as this whole debate sounds. Advantages and disadvantages to both systems
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this is quite true. Being a waiter is a career in France and they are paid a salary with government benefits and a month long holiday paid. Being a stylist is the same in EU Salary gov. benes, monthe long holiday. Maybe I will move to france!