So...I used just RR this morning after my leave in (KBB milk).
I plopped for about 8 minutes (meant to do only 5 but had to iron a shirt). When I took it out of the plop, I could tell some of the shorter layers needed a bit more curl definition, so I used a tiny bit of KCCC on those ends after rewetting just a bit.

I air dried for about 15-20 minutes, then diffused for about 5 minutes until I was 90% dry. I had much better volume!!! I also had curl around my face again! I did have some crown frizz so I used CJ Aloe fix on that. I got a picture of the back but ran out of time to get shots of the front (otherwise my daughter would have missed the bus!)

It held until 3, so at work I had to use some L'oreal spray gel (Vive Pro Glossy Curls) which I keep in my desk. I sprayed just a couple squirts on each side and they perked right back up (although a bit crunchy).

At 5:30, I was in a light rain outside getting something for the yard and 30 minutes of yard work & then a 30 minute workout. So, right now, my crown is flat from being outside in misty rain & humidity...but get frizz!

All in all a good hair day! Thank you Cindy!