I had to check Snopes.com to see whether TIPS was an acronym, and unfortunately according to their site, it just isn't true--it's basically an online rumor. Sorry!
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Although there is a definite possibility that the information is false, I learned that back when I took tips certification back in '95, before there even was such a thing as an "online".

eta: also wanted to add that I have never NOT tipped a service person for helping me out, especially if they take their job seriously and are willing to assist me.

Just in case I was giving off a weird vibe. I would never request such service if I wasn't able to afford a gratuity at the time.
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Um, I've been using the internet since '93, and I am certainly no 'early adopter' of things technological - I only started using it then because it was becoming widely used within my company. All those stupid "information superhighway" commercials were already on TV by '93. I've been doing most of my shopping on-line since '95. All this to say that on-line was already pretty well established by 1995.
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It originally said 'before there was such a thing as an online rumor'

I was trying to make the point that there wasn't a slew of online talk going on at the time this apparent 'misconception' was made.

But whatever. That's not the point of any of this. I actually did not come in this thread to argue whether hairstylists are professionals, make too much money, where the idea of tips generated, or when the internet was established.