Greetings! I'm a newbie to this I'm overloaded with reading posts and trying to figure out what to do with my hair!!

I have a mixture of 3a/3b, baby fine hair. I do color it as I'm almost 50 and hate gray hair with a passion!
I have short hair - lower ear level. I'm letting it grow back out from an earlier pixie cut. Some day it's humid in Central Texas (frizz) and other days it's perfect outside (curl)...

What should I use to clean my hair? I have no problem using just a conditioner but no clue where to start.
I cannot afford what my stylist recommends: Kevin Murphy brand...way too expensive. Need something I can buy locally at the grocery store or Sally's - that sort of thing.

I'll try to post my pic soon but don't have one handy.

Thanks for any ideas!
Cheers, Tee
3a-3b, baby fine hair
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