Being fairly new to transitioning, I've been reading a lot lately on the net and seen many youtube videos about the water/vegetable glycerin mixture. Would that work well for beginning transitioners too? Or would I need to wait a bit longer. I've been transitioning since May.
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great question GN. i too would like to know how soon i should begin using natural products. i'm five months post professional relaxer, but in May and July used a do-it-yourself 'box' perm. the latter really never took. i guess my new growth started fighting back.

anywho, i'm technically only 8-10 weeks into transitioning. for three weeks i've been roller setting/flat twisting once a week using two types of conditioners - nairobi and queen helene. until yesterday i used a motions foam to set my hair, but tried a nairobi wrap/set foam and my hair seems much softer...

is it time to get rid of those products?