Yeah most people on here use a cheap conditioner to clean the hair because the point isn't really what it does to your hair -- it's all about getting the gunk off your scalp and getting it to rinse away easily. I really like the VO5 conditioners because they're CG, have really good scents, and they're a little runnier which makes it easier for me to really get to my scalp and scrub and rinse them away. My favorite right now is the Blackberry Sage Tea, just for the smell. I've also been known to use Suave Naturals conditioners as well when I want to switch up the scents. Those work just as well but are a little thicker.

This summer I also really liked using Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle conditioner as my co-wash, because I think the tea tree oil was a little bit more cleansing and the minty tingle felt good after a sweaty summer day. I know a lot of people miss that really scrubbed-clean feeling they get from shampoo when they go to a conditioner only method, and so that conditioner is a good substitute which won't damage your hair as much.