Personally I wanted to grow my hair just above the butterfly tatto on the small of my back. I think waist length hair is pretty...much longer than that...not so much. I don't buy the whoe age thing that you can't have really long hair after a certain age...that it's not professional or anything. It will probably take me forever to grow my hair that long....I'm not cutting it because I get older.

Back on Cones,so now my routine is,wash with Deva No-Poo every other day or so. Occasionally use 365 sulfate free,maybe use low sulfate shampoo mixed with conditioner once every two weeks are longer. I condition with Aussie Moist or HEHH. I style with a little GF TN,and finish up with tons of GN Pure Clean Smoothing Cream. No frizz...slippy, happy hair.