I always over-tip by about 5% -whatever the $$ is at the end, when I go to the salon:
#1 because I go so rarely, that my stylist can't count on me to really generate any income from me

#2- stylist put up with a lot of crap from fiendishly fussy clients who make them jump through hoops to do the impossible with their crap hair.

#3-the poor shampoo girl has to spend her day up to her elbows in water and chemicals, and being the housekeeper of the salon-and i'm sure gets paid far far less than any of the stylists

I try to be extremely pleasant to the shampoo girl and my stylist because they have back-breaking work, they stand on their feet for hours on end and my back kills me just thinking about having to do what they do.

Also, these ladies usually have to take crap from a bully salon owner(i've never actually had a stylist who had a good relationship with the owner)they usually sound like monsters to work for so I try to be extra nice just to let the girls know I really appreciate their efforts and I'm grateful for what ever services they render to me. I'd like to think that they will remember be as a client who treats them as a valuable human being who is a worker deserving of her wages plus a little extra "appreciation". I'm grateful for the stability of my 9-5 paycheck and I want to pay it forward to make life a little more easy for anyone who helps me out.

boy, I seemed to have a lot to say about this...I never knew it was in there.
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Amen sister! You can come to Florida and get free haircuts from me, you might be the perfect client! Thanks for the kudos, ALL stylists appreciate someone who understands what we do.

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