Hi everyone,
I've been missing in action for a long time but I sure have missed chatting with you, hearing about good hair days and bad, the newest product craze.......

Wiggilyhair-Thanks for writing a while back to check on me, that made me feel good. I'm doing fine, I had just been overloaded with working full time, helping with our family business, going to school full time, trying to build a house, and trying to be mom, wife, etc. I'm cutting back to part time at school though and the house is under contruction and should be done in a few months. I am making my life slow down a bit because at this pace I am not enjoying any of it.

Wow, it's been so long since I have been here. What is the newest/best product these days for wavy/wimpy/3a/2a hair? Mine has been really dry lately and not wanting to curl at all so the curling iron and I have become best friends I have always used the curling iron to touch up non curling areas like my canopy but it is worse now. I almost wonder if the dryness I have is protein build up from using the B&A gel daily?

I am still using the MOP C system hydrating shampoo which works well and I rotate between Too Shea & Elucence moisture bal. conditoiners but I really think I need to switch styling products. I am still using B&A gel (it's almost gone) but I would like to find something that would give me body without the crunch (I *have* to use a leave in under the B&A) I need decent hold but my hair is very fine and very wimpy so I have to watch using too heavy of products.

So, anything new I should know about or try? I haven't put a CurlMart order in in a long time

2a?, using MOP C system hydrating poo, Elucence conditioner, B&A Biomineral gel......off and on results....rely most on my curling iron for help