I have reverted back to the good old 1980's banana clips - remember those? http://www.liketotally80s.com/banana-clip.html

It works great on a slightly longer bob and gives the illusion of a longer ponytail.

Great for 2nd day hair and those times when the curls need to be contained a little bit.

Sigh...I miss the 80's!
CG since June 12, 2009
Type: 3a and 3B mix, fine, high-med porosity, low density on top (uhg), medium in back...
Co-wash: EO Rosemary Mint, Suave, or Jessicurl Cleansing Cream
Leave-in: Jessicurl Too Shea, or whatever I co-washed with.
Styling/Gel: KCCC, Aussie Opposites Attract spray gel, CJ Smoothing Gelee Jessicurl RR and CC
Technique: Clip and air dry

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