Halle Berry is stunning either way.. but I never thought those curls were actually her hair. I saw pics of her when she was younger with her natural hair and her curls were much different. I do know she likes to play with different looks via weaves according to an interview she gave in a hair mag that I read.

After her pregnancy that curly afro was supposed to be for a movie where she plays a schizophrenic. From what I read, it was just a wig.

I honestly prefer her with her pixie cut though..it's just my favorite look on her hands down. She's sooooooo pretty all the time though.. LOL! I mean come on..it's Halle.
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I too was under the impression that a lot of those looks were just weaves & wigs. That being said, she looks amazing with a pixie cut. It's my absolute favorite on her.
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