Oh I missed this thread and I might be late, but I am doing Insanity. I have 2 more weeks to finish the 60 days.

If you haven't ordered set up a TeamBeach Body account and order through that site (which means you are ordering through the coach they set you up with). You'll save on shipping and you'll know exactly what you're ordering, without being put on an autoship for the recovery drink and so on.

If you've been working out and doing other things and know how to modify things beyond what your abilities might be you'll be fine with this series.

It's very intense and requires you to push beyond your limits. Don't expect to complete the workouts at first. If you do, then you're pacing yourself and probably not pushing hard enough. The workouts do get easier as you progress, but of course then when you just start to get comfortable with the Month1 workouts, he starts you off into Month2.

I personally need to modify a couple of the moves to keep them safe for me, but I'm used to doing that. I really do like the series..

If you have any specific questions, let me know.
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