OK, here is my say in this interesting thread I just had to comment.
Well, Im south indian and IM from Kerala. I dont have "curly" hair but it is somewat thick and is wavy. I know a lot of people straighten their hair this day and age, any race white, black, asian or whatever...so it is normal, but that doesnt make it good for your hair. Thats the problem, no one knows how to properly take care of hair anymore, if ur hair is frizzy, dry,dull, and has split ends u are probably doing something wrong. Also its very sad for girls who grow up disliking thier hair, or anything else, it affects thier self-esstem so much. They have to realize perfect is not real. If I ever see a person with perfectly stairght and shiny hair most likely they werent born with hair like that. I also do agree that many indians crave for that bollywood hair. I always wanted that hair but its so hard, I would have to spend at least 2 hrs trying to straighten all of my hair cause its so thick, and I decided who cares honestly I perfer hair with volume. Some indians I know have hair like african americans so who does that consider us causasian. In south indian girls tend have long hair when u go up north its mostly cropped and starightened. Anyways my point is just deal with your hair, u know, u were born with what u have so embrace it. I wish indians can start accepting curly hair, but our curlture being so focused on our hair, lol. i doubt it. Still go for it, if u have a afro be proud of it and at least one day in ur life were out in public