Anyway I also saw a movie one time about the hair trade in India. A lot of girls in India sacrifice their hair to the gods at a certain age and the hair company people in the United States manage to get a hold of it and sell it as extensions and weaves. They said that Indian hair is the most similar ethnic hair to caucasion hair (except that it usually only comes in one color--black).
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Hehe, the bolded part is funny, mainly because the reason it's so similar to caucasian hair is because Indians are caucasian (well, mostly).

I think it's funny that so many people think Indians don't have curly hair because of it. Caucasians have curls, so Indians, being causcasian, must have some curly haired people. Curls are dominant, and over half the world's population has curls/waves. Why would Indians be any different?

Anyway, many people donate hair to the temples not only as children, but as adults, too. This is because long hair is a traditional form of beauty, so sacrificing it to the Gods is considered a very selfless thing. We are a hair-obsessed culture, for sure.
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Not trying to be funny, but are you really serious? Non of the Indian people I know would call themselves a Caucasian which is a white person. Many Indians I have met are even darker than me, so how does that make them white? Not trying to start a race thing here, but I just thought that was a strange thing to say.