" Not trying to be funny, but are you really serious? Non of the Indian people I know would call themselves a Caucasian which is a white person. Many Indians I have met are even darker than me, so how does that make them white? Not trying to start a race thing here, but I just thought that was a strange thing to say.[/quote]

Actually Caucasian does not necessarily mean white. According to many dictionaries it is:

Anthropology Of or being a human racial classification distinguished especially by very light to brown skin pigmentation and straight to wavy or curly hair, and including peoples indigenous to Europe, northern Africa, western Asia, and India.

I thought that too (caucasian = white I meant)--on a totally non related issue since my kids are part Egyptian with Sudanese and I was told I have to mark Caucasian on forms. My kids are pretty fair skinned so most would consider them white.

I looked online and according to USA census stuff Sudan is considered North Africa and those folks should be marking caucasian. I'll have to remember to tell that to my friends from the Sudan --dumbest thing I ever heard. My ex's family from the Sudan is very dark--darker than many of my African-American friends! I'm sure they'll appreciate that the government considers them caucasian!

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