I don't often have opinions on the looks of actors or actresses (basically: hot or not) but I have to admit...when I first saw Ricci, I REALLY wondered how she ever got to be on film & TV with that forehead!

I have that flat top head thing going on, like SuZen mentions, and that really bugs me. In the summer I managed to get some volume action at the roots, but now it's hopeless. I end up all sideways expansion with a flat head on top, and someone recently informed me that it looks like I'm getting "a little thin up there" too :x ! Down with tall people!

Then there's the big sniffer. If I don't wear bangs, the snout really stands out and the rest of my features are kind of small in comparison. Gosh, I sound like a real winner, huh?

Thankfully most people are too wrapped up in their OWN shortcomings to dwell on mine (I hope!).
formerly Castella
(my dogs aren't snarly, my hair is)