Not a good transaction with ESSENCE! Received items that were supposed to be brand new, and they were used. I tried to resolve the problem, and ended up no where, i wouldn't have had a problem if the items were stated what "real" condtion they were in. I had great swaps/transactions with so many others but this one was bad, beware!!!

*I willing to edit if the situation changes*
Type: 3b-healthy hair*medium texture* normal porosity?
Shampoo: SC Optimum, Luster's Pink,Curliscious Cleansing Cream
Conditioner: Coconut Sublime, Giovanni 50:50, CJ CASD
Leave-In: CJ Beauticurls
DT: Silicon Mix
Styling: Eco Styler, KCCC/KCKT, BRHG, AOMM

Holy Grail: Flour Sacking*modified method* AOMM, ECO Styler-Krystal
Expiermenting with: Whatever i can get my hands on
Hair Hates: Vegetable glycerin/waxes
*Always going to be a Pj until i find all my HG's