This was bumped in time, I need to go back and read the reviews although I love myhoneychild. I only purchased the creams or stylers. I orderedthe shampoo and conditioner ( the banana one), it smelled so good but there was some type of protein so I was scared to use it, gave it to my close friend. She loved it.

I have used the type 3 cream , its the bomb diggity, the type 4 cream was actually too heavy for my hair but it works well for the winter.
The honeylovepomade I thought was going to be a butter product but its a fluffy jelly type product but Its wonderful
the twist out cream is the bomb, it keeps my hair very curly and defined, it almost looked ike a rod set.
I also bought the honeyhair creme, it was nice but the smell is weird so it put me off, i think its the mimosa oil thats added

I just ordered the buttery soy cream and the natural hair cream
She just revamped the website and sizes, you can now get 4 and 6 ozs instead of only 8 ozs