Been away from this board for a while... Now that I'm curly I only need 1-2 cuts/yr. I was glad to come on here and see some new stylists recommended. I'm thinking MaryAnn or Jen might be next.

As for my reviews:

I did go to Kate at Hairspray but can't remember exactly when... fall or winterish, I think. Overall I liked the experience and the cut was great. I was not as impressed with the styling though... seems that is really the hard part with us curlies. She has just slightly wavy hair so she might not realized that for a 3b LOTS more product is needed than just a couple of smooth overs, and she didn't apply section by section. I left looking OK but soon after started seeing the frizzies. I would consider going back cuz the cut and price were good and if I asked for more product and directed the styling a little more she would prob be fine with it. One extra perk... I finally got to check out the Bronx Pizza everyone raves about and it was good!

Just before Summer got going, I went to Jocelyn at the Dearinger in La Jolla. She is not a curly but has a very good eye and pretty good with the styling. I only say that because the first time I went a couple of years ago she actually gave me great advice on styling and techniques that I still use. I expected her to do the same this time but for some reason she deviated a bit by messing with my hair a bunch after dry which made it into a giant pouf. To me the main thing is the cut and I do recommend her for that though she has gotten a lot pricier now that she is a "master stylist" or something like that and I don't think I can afford it anymore.

Next I would like to try a curl specific salon like Deva, though I tried their products and it didn't work for me. I'd probably try to remember to bring my own (Aveda).

OK, all from me for now... I'll keep checking to see how it is all going for you ladies.
3b curls, big chop Nov 07

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