I have 3b-3c hair naturally- very big and frizzy unless I use a ton of product. Then it could look very nice with a lot of defined spirals. I live in the Charleston SC area so the humidity meant I had to constantly battle frizz. The keratin treatment has been amazing for me. Blow drying it straight is so much quicker! I do still need to use a flat iron- especially as it starts wearing out, but that is also much quicker. At first drying it naturally didn't work for me. Some pieces were stick straight and when I curled them they wouldn't hold the curl! I have since learned that I can add lasting volume and waves with Caruso steam hot rollers. Right before this last treatment I started loving the way it looked when I let it air dry. I bought a good quality curling iron (up to 450 degrees) and I used that to get those pieces that are straighter. The curls did last using the better curling iron. It did flatten after I slept on it though. I would be curious to hear what products others are using when letting their Keratinized hair dry naturally. I use Pureology shampoo- but I am not crazy over their conditioner (it actually irritates my skin) so I also would like to hear what other conditioners you are using. Finally- I would love to hear any recommended home hair coloring kits you would recommend for keratinized hair. One great result of this last keratin treatment for me is my color had been too dark - and the keratin treatment actually lightened mine but in a way that looks natural- I am very happy with that! I wish you all the best with your hair- keratinized or not!