According to the Democrats who have read the bill, he's not a liar. According to the Republicans who have read the bill, he is. Truth is, has ANYone read the entire bill? I doubt it. I've read parts of it because a coworker had to write a term paper on it for school. I didn't see anything about covering minorities in it, but the death panels were clearly there. Page 425 I believe. Are they called death panels? Of course not.
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Whoa, hold on a minute.

Why are you saying "covering minorities" when the Joe Wilson thing was about illegal immigrants?

As to the "death panels," are you talking about the end-of-life planning coverage?

If so, do you object to that notion that people should be able to decide how they want to be cared for in the end stages of a terminal illness?

Before you answer, please consider that similar language is in most major health care insurance plans. It's across-the-board industry-wide, basic standard of care kind of stuff.

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