End of life planning in regards to a patient deciding, with their doctor, is, of course a common occurence. End of life planning decided by a "panel" of people who will decide what procedures you qualify for is a whole other story to me. I want my medical decisions to be between me and my doctor, not a panel of people and a "commissioner."
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If you're interested in an analysis of the facts involved in the conflict about end of life planning coverage, you can read it here.

If you're interested in the undocumented immigrants issue, you can read about it here.

Rather than say "this is what the Dems read" or "this is what the Reps read" and then shrug your shoulders and give up, I would think it would be more helpful to get the facts and make your own judgment.

Rheanna, you always say you don't belong to either party, and that you don't really have faith in either side.

So why does all the language you use to make your point ["death panels" being an example] come straight out of the Republican talking points?
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I will check those links out, but I read the ACTUAL BILL. It clearly said that a panel of people would be assigned, along with the commissioner, to discuss the options for those with chronic illness or advanced age and decide what was feasible for those individuals' care. I didn't read what anyone said the bill said; I read the bill.

I never said I didn't associate at all with either party; I said I didn't feel like I fit in entirely with either, and do fit in more with the Libertarian way of thinking. Either way, I think the fact that I am conservative in most ways has been made very clear for anyone to see. As far as "death panels" go, I wasn't necessarily using a "Republican talking point" so much as the language that has been used, now on both sides, thinks to Palin (?) who first brought up the term, to argue whether or not panels existed who would make end-of-life decisions for you.