Just thought I would pop in and update. It is soo much better. Still not perfect but so much better than it was and that makes me feel better. I have not used the aubrey face wash at all-other than that one time. I am still using the Pomega5-the teen version and the MUAC toner 2x a day. I have thrown in peter thomas roth pumpkin enzyme peel a couple of times as well. I have done the MUAC 40% lactic acid peel a couple of times as well.

I still have my 1st derm appt in October. So we will shall see what happens at that as well.
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wow...I'm so happy for you! My face literally looks hideous. If I didn't have to go to work everyday, I'd hide under a rock. It has NEVER looked so bad. I went to the doc and she put me on metronidazole, but I think the cream's too heavy for me - I'm going to ask her for the higher strength gel version that you only use once a day - and I don't know what she really thinks I have (I need to ask her) - acne? rosacea? perioral dermatitis? - I'm not sure. They're all in the running. I have some lesions that look like regular pimples; some are tiny pustules; and I also have a gazillion little tiny bumps that just look rashlike. My retin-A has ceased to help. I started using my differin again last night and I'm thinking about giving your toner a try. It's called Acne Pore Minimizer w/Sepicontrol A5? Sorry for the "woe is me" post, but I don't think I've ever felt so awful. OK, enough of that - no more feeling sorry for myself!
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