According to the Democrats who have read the bill, he's not a liar. According to the Republicans who have read the bill, he is. Truth is, has ANYone read the entire bill? I doubt it. I've read parts of it because a coworker had to write a term paper on it for school. I didn't see anything about covering minorities in it, but the death panels were clearly there. Page 425 I believe. Are they called death panels? Of course not.
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Alright, I believe that I argued that illegal immigrants should be covered. This is the best way to contain costs and ensure that American workers maintain a competitive edge. Sorry if you don't like it, but this is cold, hard economics, not petty politics.

And as much as Republicans "say" Obama is a liar, he isn't. It's funny that you're lecturing me for not reading the entire bill when you clearly haven't looked at Sec. 246 yourself. Despite your clear commitment to your civic duties, I'll do the work for you: "Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States."

I will check those links out, but I read the ACTUAL BILL. It clearly said that a panel of people would be assigned, along with the commissioner, to discuss the options for those with chronic illness or advanced age and decide what was feasible for those individuals' care. I didn't read what anyone said the bill said; I read the bill.
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Stop saying you read "the actual bill" like that puts you in a better position to judge. H.R. 3200 is 1000 pages long, and I find it hard to believe you flipped through all of it. You probably just read choice parts, like most of us have.

I read "the actual bill," too. I didn't see anything in there about somebody making end-of-life decisions for me. I saw that I had the option to consult with professionals about possible end-of-life care. I saw that Medicare would pay (read: NOT MANDATE) for this once every five years if I chose to take advantage of that benefit. If the government won't even mandate a consultation, how exactly do they plan to send me to my deathbed?

So much for reading the "actual bill." Nothing bothers me more than willful ignorance.
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