Awww VTmom-that stinks!! And I can totally relate!

The toner is the one you mentioned and I would really recommend it. Between that and just using the green tea soap MUAC sent with the lactic acid peel I ordered from them I could see results. I used that soap until I tracked down the pomega5 soap. But I would have continued to use that soap if I was not determined to try the pomega5.

I did pick up some mario badescu drying cream the last time I was in Ulta. I had the buffering lotion in my arsenol already. I have been using the drying cream after the MUAC toner at night.

I so understand your frustration-feel free to vent away anytime you want!!
Originally Posted by xcptnl

Me, too. Since using it, I literally never have to use my Metro Gel anymore.

Still haven't gotten the Pomega5 yet. I'll make a trip for it once I've used up my Boot's cleanser, which I'm actually pretty happy with.
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