HalfWavyHalfCurly--what would you advise for someone on CG who wants to remove hard water buildup without shampooing? We have a water softener but I know some of it still gets through. Iron seems to be the big issue but I think there are some minerals as well. Thanks in advance.
Back on CG (OK, I'm a little indecisive).
pw: curls
Currently using: Whole Foods 365 Herbal Mint Conditioner (co-wash), MOP Mixed Greens Conditioner, Paul Mitchell Lite Detangler, CK, ISO Bouncy Creme. Gave up on plopping due to tangles/"stickiness" and now I just comb through products and diffuse. It looks basically as good and dries a lot faster (I wasn't getting good clumps from plopping anyway). Still wish I were a lot curlier!