Sooooo... luv, I believe you said you were starting today. How did your fit test go?
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lol, it didn't. i read all the info but didn't get up this morning in time (emotional weekend, my friends mom is dying of cancer). i will do this one tonight after my cycle class. i have to start doing them in the morning tonight 30 min fit test then tomorrow is plyometric cardio circuit.

thanks for checking in on me!
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i'm not going to start today. i'm going to wait until next week. too much going on mentally. my close, dear friend's mother has stage 4 liver cancer and it's not looking good right now . plus i'm going fri for an upper gi test and an abdominal ultrasound to check my stomach because i've been having some stomach bloating and discomfort. i really want to do it but my heart and mind just aren't into it right now.
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