This treatment seems to have finally made its way to Perth, Australia! I just wanted to get some feedback...I probably have 3b hair, very thick and quite frizzy. If I had this treatment done, what sort of curl would I be left with? Any or none? Also there is no way I can blow dry and straighten my hair myself..I just cant pull hard enough! Is this likely to be a possibility for me now instead of an hour in the hairdressers?
When it starts to grow out...will you eventually go back to your original curl?
I was looking at rebonding but didnt like the fact it would be straight forever until you either grow it out or have it cut I wouldnt want to go back to short hair if I had to have it cut out. This CKT sounds a bit more like you can go back to curls a bit more easily
I have (until reading this website) been using a lot of John Frieda stuff....I know that you shouldnt get rebonding done until you have cleansed your hair completely of JF, is this the same case with CKT?
Thanks...look forward to some replies !