If you have a sensitive scalp you may want to look into trying a shampoo and conditioner that is fragrance free or unscented.

Just like the terms organic and natural they may be unregulated in that it varies by manufacturer. Generally it should be that nothing has been added for the purpose of giving it "fragrance".

Some products do add essential oils which may give a "scent" and unfortunately some may be sensitive to oils. Also there may be other ingredients that you are trying to avoid such as parabens or cones that are found in the scent free products.

I have a sensitive scalp which is prone to break outs. I have being trying to use more "natural" or "organic" products and of course sometimes we fall in love with a smell. I'm not saying that those products are breaking my scalp out they are probably helping keep it in check. I came across some that are unscented and will try some. I'll list them in a separate post