Girls and boys are ALWAYS touching my hair. At first I don't mind it... it feels good, but then it will get frizzy (I should say Frizzier) Once, I was trying to sneak up on someone (I enjoy doing that to people), and she turned around, pulled my curls out, and said GOTCHA! Was grabbing my hair really necessary?
Curly Teen & Loving It!
Type 3b/c hair

I find myself with less respect for those who straighten their hair constantly or have relaxers or whatever else is out there. I believe that if your hair is curly, wavy, or straight, your hair is beautiful as is. There are non-damaging solutions for frizz or split ends or whatever. You don't have to burn it flat or fry it with chemicals to look "good." People say love the skin you're in, same goes for hair.