Hi, Here is a link of many sites that sells ingrediants to make your own hair products and stuff.

There are only two canadian sites (CA) on the list.The last canadian site on the list has cheap shipping( I just order from them.You can only know the shipping cost of your products when they contact you and the same thing goes for the other canadian site).

Only the second canadain site sells cationic surfactants that is needed to make a conditioner.

The sites that has number 2 beside them are the ones that has many ingrediants to make shampoos ,conditioners,and etc.


Ps: Some sites don't mention which ingrediants are/are not compatible with each other and give warnings when using an ingrediant /making products( like not going over a certain temperature because you could kill yourself....) so it is good to check other sites that gives important info about these ingrediants......
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