I've been doing my research on this Keratin Treatment and I still dont know if its the right thing to do!! I have 4a hair so the chances of the results being spectacular seem slim to none.

Im mixed race and my hair is sooooo tightly curled the only way i can handle it is by braiding it. Otherwise my 'middle of the back' hair barely reaches the bottom of my neck. But spending 8 hours braiding every 3-4 weeks is getting real boring esp' as Ive had my hair this way for as long as I can remember.

The thing is other ppl always claim to kno how to handle your hair when they honestly have no clue and expect me to be able to wear my hair in all sorts of fancy styles.

I just want to wear my hair out ... so Im considering the Keratin even though it costs a fortune and isnt permanent. Im also considering getting a curly perm instead to set my hair in a more manageable curl pattern. I dont kno whats best ... im confused! Please help!
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Hi baileys_truffle...

I have 3c with a little bit of 4a and I got the Coppola keratin treatment a month ago. I never flat ironed again after the initial application, I just let it air dry. With the treatment I'm a 3b/3c now. I'm not certain if I will have this done again or not. It is fairly pricey and the results for me are just OK.

For many years I got a curly perm using the large rods to make my curls larger, like you are considering. I loved the way it looked, but over time I noticed it was pretty damaging so I stopped doing it. It also irritated my scalp quite a bit.

Anyway, good luck with whatever you decide to do. Feel free to PM me if you have questions.